Giving love is a greatest pleasure of life.🤗

Life is like a box of chocolates. Each chocolate is like a portion of life Some are crunchy ,some are chewy,some are nutty ,but All are delicious in their own way.

Without each one, life would not be complete .

Enthusiasm is fuel of your life , it helps you to get where you are going !😊

Negetive or positive one of these two……

Can make you ! OR Break you!

Depending on what you choose.

Every mistake is opportunity to learn something new .😚

Death is not the end of your life: . . it’s only the beginning.

Where someone had wronged you , repay them with forgiveness, and they will remember you forever !😉

Life is a journey , heaven is our destination

Oop ! It’s tongue twister.😜

Try saying this for at least 5 times

'Pad kid poured curd pulled     cod. ' 

A team of researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology say that this is the most difficult tongue twister ever .

Truth !

“I like those people,

who tell the truth

NO matter how hard it is “

A Solitude 🖤

I like to be alone
I enjoy the freedom and
In those quite moments
I remember who I am
and what I want🖤

“Dust of snow “_robert frost.❤️

Here is one of my favourite poem of the Mr Robert frost .

The way a crow,
Shook down on me
The dust of snow,
From a hemlock tree

Has given my heart 💓,
Change of mood
And saved some part,
Of a day I had rued.

By _Robert frost

Quote of the week !

“My strength didn’t came from lifting heavy weights ! My strength came from lifting my self up every time when I was knocked out “

Do you know !!🤣🤣

Pandas basically only eat bamboo, which also happens to be incredibly hard to digest. That means that these adorable animals must eat about 30 pounds of the stuffs  each day to get enough nutrients—defecating about four-fifths of what they eat (and even what they do digest is not especially easy on their gastrointestinal system). These guys should really consider a change in diet.😜

Is there a water in Space !!🤔🤔🤔🤔

Do you know ? Recently ,scientists have found an enormous cloud of water vapor floating in space. Located 30 billion miles away in a quasar – a massively powerful cosmic body – the water cloud is estimated to contain at least 140 trillion times the amount of water in all the seas and oceans here on Earth.